Ökumenischer Jugendrat in Europa (EYCE) sucht Interessenten für europaweite Seminare

Kategorie: Allgemein
Der Ökumenische Jugendrat in Europa (EYCE) sucht Jugendliche aus der christlichen Jugendarbeit, die ein grundsätzliches Interesse an internationalen Seminaren, Arbeitsgruppen und anderen Veranstaltungen haben. Ziel ist es, ein internes Netzwerk von ehemaligen Teilnehmern, Delegierten und Interessenten aufzubauen. Nicht übel: wer mitmacht, erhält Infos über alle Veranstaltungen frei Haus.

What is that? EYCE is receiving many times invitations from partner organisations or other invitations where we are being asked to delegate a participant. EYCE has done that as well and as often as possible, but EYCE is trying to put this into a better structure. Therefore we are looking for young people who might be interested in certain themes, such as Economic Justice, Youth Politics, Ecumenical Training or the Reconfiguration of the Ecumenical Movement. With your feedback we will establish a theme oriented database. This database will serve two purposes:

- to contact you directly in case EYCE receives information about activities that would match your interests

- to establish - if needed - "Steering Committees" which would help EYCE in working on particular issues.

To give you a concrete example: EYCE might want to organise an activity which would focus on Economic Justice. A steering committeee could be established to identify the main working areas and to create a programme for EYCE that would meet the needs of the entire network.
So far EYCE has identified the following areas of work which will be part of the database:

- Ecumenical Learning & Training
- European Identity
- Interfaith Dialogue
- Reconfiguration of the Ecumenical Movement - Youth Politics
- Spirituality & Ecumenical Theology
- Gender
- Globalisation
- Human Rights
- Economic Justice

If you want to become a part of this database, simply send an email to info@eyce.org and you will receive more detailed information.

EYCE hopes strongly that with this pool we would be able to be better represented in Europe as well as offering more opportunities to young people to make ecumenical experiences through EYCE and our partner organisations.